Monday, August 25, 2008

ten things

Ten things I miss about Zurich:

1) My people  
2) Best. Public Transportation. Ever.  
3) Can you say five weeks of vacation per year?  
4) Dozens of countries within a two hour flight  
5) Dog-friendly restaurants  
6) Grilling by the lake  
7) Leaving for the airport an hour before a flight  
8) Clean streets  
9) Assigned seating in movie theaters  
10) My gummy candy store  

Ten things I love about the Bay Area:

1) Being near my sister for the first time in 18 years  
2) Ethnic food  
3) Shopping on evenings and weekends  
4) Cheap haircuts that aren't mullets  
5) Cheap everything  
6) Movies without intermission or subtitles  
7) Being fluent in the local language  
8) Not being mistaken for a mail-order bride  
9) Sun. All day. Every day.  
10) Coolest. Company. Ever.  

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