Wednesday, September 10, 2008

happy lungs

Some coworkers and I decided to go play some pub trivia after work yesterday, and I stopped by my apartment before heading out to the pub. While I was in my apartment, I was debating between a sweatshirt and a jacket, and found myself mentally weighing which one would absorb less smoke, and which one was already dirty (and would therefore require washing, anyways, regardless of the smoke). Then I started dreading coming home with my hair reeking of smoke and I wondered if it was really worth going out at all.

And then I remembered...!!

California, unlike Switzerland, is wonderfully smoke-free!!

I spent nearly three hours in a pub full of people, and didn't smell a single cigarette while I was there. Bliss.


Global Librarian said...

The cantonal vote is coming up in a few weeks. Please God, let the smoking ban come into effect here!

MW said...

Lucky girl!!! I'm sorry we didn't get to meet up before I left the Bay Area. I think you're getting nicely settled.

Considering I'm still voting in the election at home, I'm assuming I don't get a cantonal vote. Even if I'm registered properly with the Kreisbüros and what not?

Anonymous said...

Seems as if nobody smokes in California. In Los Angeles, there seem to be more smokers than in other areas, but when I lived in San Diego, I'd see about one cigarette a week on average! (I think San Diego's rated one of the "healthiest places to live.")

Plus, every time someone lights up in public areas, people give him the evil glare.


Swiss Miss said...

Switzerland stinks. My main gripe are the train stations. I can choose not to go to a bar, but I cannot choose the fact that I take the train every day! I'm tired of avoiding hot ashes blowing onto my clothes.