Monday, March 2, 2009


I've lived in a few different places before moving to California -- Denver, Houston, Delaware, Cambridge, New York, and Zurich -- and they are all very different places, but one thing that they have in common is the way the seasons work. 

In the spring, the grass starts growing and the trees start budding and growing leaves. In the summer, everything is green. In the fall, things turn colors, then turn brown and die. In the winter, the world just waits for spring to come back again.

Not here. Here, the seasons are all backwards, inside out, and upside down. Confused. In the summer, the grass is brown and yellow, fried to a crisp in the dry sun, but the trees are green. In the fall, nothing changes. In the winter, some of the trees get with the program and shed their leaves, but the grass gets confused by the sudden appearance of rain and turns green, and the flowers come out. 

I'm not sure what will happen in spring. Probably something weird. Spring is probably when the marshmallow bushes grow Peeps, which are then picked by hippie elves and sent to drugstores around the country.


Anonymous said...

Oh I never knew you lived in Denver or Colorado for any length of time... and I hate Peeps. =)

Spring is like pre-gaming for summer in California. Also known as GPA-serial killer season, since the sun sets at about eight and non-Californian friends drag you and guitar to the beach every day.


Cara in Basel said...

I was assigned twice to projects just outside of SanFrancisco. I very much enjoyed both of my 6 week stays. One of my most memorable experiences was eating at Farralon in DownTown. I could get there easily by taking the BART and then hopping on a trolly. I encourage you to try it. The Sea Bass (a few years ago) was to die for, and the decor is very cool.

As for Peeps, I grabbed a pack from the BX when I went to visit my sister in Germany. I have plans to open them on Good Friday and eat them all in one sitting until I am ill. :-) Good Times!