Thursday, April 16, 2009

too late

This came too late for me. I suffered through a lot of transatlantic flights sitting next to wheezing rhino behemoths who couldn't keep their massive bulk out of my seat. No amount of passive-aggressive elbows and lowered armrests can save you from The Fat Travelers Who Refuse To Acknowledge That They Can't Fit Into One Seat And Then Give You Dirty Looks For Trying To Use All Of The Seat That You, The Reasonably-Sized Person, Paid For, But Which They Think They're Entitled To Encroach Upon Because They Can't Resist Hostess Cupcakes.

Maybe this will end their reign of terror. Although I'm not sure that the airlines will actually enforce it, since there were similar policies already in place, which I always hoped would be used, but never were, at least not when they could have rescued me from on-board hippo-wrestling.

Next, they should let passengers of below-average weight bring more luggage. Seriously. It's only fair.

And don't even get me started on babies and young children. Do you remember when there used to be smoking on planes, and there was a smoking section and a non-smoking section? Yeah, they need to do that with babies and kids now. Put them in their own soundproof cabin, and everyone will be happier, except the parents, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

I heard about this at the gym this morning and got a smug kick out of it :P. Maybe they'll make everyone sit on one of those luggage scales ; ). That might actually be kind of fun!


wuisme said...

I am totally with you on the separate soundproof cabins for kids. I actually think they should be herded into separate kid-friendly flights. Kids could fly for cheaper and I'd be happy to pay a higher price for a ticket NOT on that plane.

Chantal said...

Totally with you on all those points! I would especially enjoy a separate crying baby soundproof booth or a discount policy for being placed next to one.

Anonymous said...

"Next, they should let passengers of below-average weight bring more luggage. Seriously. It's only fair."

=> Trust me, if airlines knew the concept of fairness, hell would freeze over.
It's pretty simple, if airlines can make you pay more they will; however they'll never make you pay less unless they must.
Believe it or not, now they sometimes measure fat people's asses at check-in. haha.

Global Librarian said...

When I first read this post I decided not to respond. But now I realize I cannot just let it go.

I would hope that people who by all appearances are educated and reasonable would have the ability to show some compassion towards others. Are you saying fat people shouldn't be allowed to travel? That they should be discriminated against and forced to pay what they perhaps cannot afford? That, as a couple of comments seem to indicate, they should be publicly humiliated and forced to weigh themselves in front of all on a luggage scale?

Are you kidding me?

You have obviously never struggled with your weight and that is wonderful for you.
But others do struggle.

I once weighed 100 lbs more than I currently do. I tried everything. I exercised more than 2 hours every day and ate so little that my hair started to fall out from malnutrition. My doctor told me I was lying when I said how much I exercised and how little I ate. I went to him for help. And he gave me nothing but scorn. The next 8 doctors I went to where the same. I was so depressed by my struggle that I came closer than I would have ever wanted to suicide.

I finally found a doctor who ran a simple 5-minute metabolism check and discovered that my metabolic rate was far below normal. I am now on medicine to correct it, eat far more than I ever did when I was fat (although I still must eat less than others who are much smaller and thinner than I) and am much healthier as well. I am happier and no longer fee the weight of criticism from others due to my appearance.

But I remember the looks I would get when I (rarely) dared to eat in public. I remember the hidden sniggers as well as the cruel comments to just stop stuffing my face. Even though I certainly did not overeat by any stretch of the imagination. I remember it all.

Which is why this post caused me pain. My own remembered pain. As well as a sympathetic pain for all people less perfect than you who must come in connect with you during the course of their day.

Stop judging others and just be happy that the troubles you have are neither as apparent to the world. Or as likely to cause others to condemn you.

Angela said...

@Global Librarian -- Of course everyone should be allowed to travel, but not at the expense of others. If someone takes up more than one seat, then they should pay for more than one seat. Why should someone get 1.5 seats if they only paid for one seat, and why should I be forced to pay for one seat and only get half of a seat? Fair is fair -- you should get what you pay for, and you should pay for what you get.