Thursday, September 1, 2011

buy the way

One of the things I love doing when visiting foreign countries is to go to the local mall and the local grocery store to see what odd products they have to offer their customers.

I am quite sure that foreign visitors to the U.S. enjoy doing the same thing.

An American friend who lives in Switzerland was in town for a couple of days a few weeks ago, and we went on the requisite "stock up on things that are cheaper or only available in America" trip to the mall, Target, and Safeway. I took a few pictures of some of the great things you can buy in our wonderful country.

Double Stuf Oreos weren't fattening enough, so they now make Triple Double Oreos, which have three cookies and two layers of Double Stuf creme.

In case you wanted to wash your hair with placenta shampoo, but were afraid your hair would be dry afterwards, have no fear, there is also placenta conditioner
Available at Target.

Old Spice comes in "Matterhorn" and "Swagger." 
How can you possibly choose??

I had no idea Axe was so popular that it now requires multiple scents. 
(Does anyone actually use Axe?)

Maybe the people who shop here use Axe. 
For all your armor needs, Armor-Geddon occupies an entire store in the mall.

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Anneliese said...

Yummmm those oreos were good, too. :P