Friday, January 30, 2009

i still heart new york

It has been almost five years since I left New York, and I still miss something about New York every week, if not every day. One of the things about moving every few years is that you accumulate a longer list of things to miss from all the places you've been.  

Ten random things I miss about New York: 

(2) My doorman  
(3) All-night diners  
(4) Skyscrapers  
(5) Sunday walks through Central Park to the Met  
(6) Easy navigation  
(7) Unbeatable restaurant and bar scene  
(8) Quirky shops and boutiques  
(9) New Yorkers  
(10) Same-day book delivery from Barnes & Noble

1 comment:

sw said...

your list made me sad/nostalgic, and i haven't even left yet. tomorrow's the big day...