Monday, January 12, 2009

rat on a cat on a dog

I was walking around in San Francisco yesterday, and my friend and I did a double take, because there was a man walking a dog, and on the dog was a cat, and on the cat was a rat. It was like a modern-day version of the Brementown musicians, or something. The dog was walking along quite normally, and the rat and cat were perched on top as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

We immediately whipped out our BlackBerrys to do some on-the-spot Googling, and it turns out that the dog-cat-rat-man is something of a (crack-smoking) San Francisco institution, and he makes upwards of $100 a day from random admirers and passersby.


lou said...

you are hysterical. and its not all about histronics. bravo!

juanitatortilla said...

OH! I have heard about this rat on cat on dog trio before! And I didn't quite believe the first time I heard it :D Now that I've seen it, I DO believe it!