Friday, August 21, 2009

the perfect life

If I could cut-and-paste my life into the perfect patchwork existence, I would take the pieces as follows:
  • The responsibilities (or lack thereof) of Denver and Houston (oh, to be four years old again)
  • The real estate prices (or just prices in general) and tax-free shopping of Delaware
  • The winter snowstorms and unlimited sleep schedule (ah, college...) of Cambridge
  • The food, bars, culture, convenience, energy, randomness, stores, people (I love New Yorkers), population density (I like the cozy anonymity of crowds), and 24-hour availability of public transportation of New York
  • The public transportation (the infrastructure, not the hours), cleanliness, stress-free lifestyle, travel opportunities, dog-friendliness, gummy candy, cheese, chocolate, and walking-distance proximity to friends of Zurich
  • The job, weather, fresh produce, and proximity to family of Mountain View

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