Thursday, August 13, 2009

typical bay area experience

Dear Comcast,

My rate went up, and I called to cancel -- I would never pay $110 a month for something I could get for half the price somewhere else. I was offered a new rate. The new rate is higher than the old rate, but low enough to make me too lazy to switch.

I am getting the same services for a higher price. My bill, however, is higher than either price, because it was pro-rated according to the unacceptable $110 rate. I asked the supremely unhelpful Carolina (employee #0531) and her equally unhelpful, ruder supervisor Randy (#0641) to change the statement amount or to give me a credit on the next statement to make up for the difference. They unhelpfully noted that the amount is higher because it's prorated. I KNOW, BUT IT'S PRORATED ACCORDING TO AN UNACCEPTABLE RATE THAT I TRIED TO CANCEL.

I am getting the same service.

When the rate went up to $110, I tried to cancel.

I was offered a new rate.

For this bill, I should pay the old rate or the new rate, NOT the rate that would have made me cancel. "It's pro-rated" makes no difference. If I won't pay $110 per month, why would I pay the same amount on a daily basis?

You claim to be Comcastic. What does that mean? Have Randy and Carolina ever made anyone feel Comcastic? I'm guessing no. I suppose they were more memorable than other CSRs, because they were so unhelpful. Is that what Comcastic means? Memorably unhelpful?

In the past, I have written glowing emails and letters to companies whose products and service I loved. Comcast is not one of them. It's pretty astounding how many disgruntled customers you have. Please add me to the list, unless you have a better idea.


ComcastCares1 said...


I can check with my contacts for a better deal. You can send me the phone number linked on the account so that I can look into this for you.

I would also like to apologize for the treatment that you received. I will make sure my contacts are made ware of this so that al the issues you stated are addressed.


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

AJ Valleron said...

You seemed happier in Zurich. You should go back there.

wuisme said...


I think you might appreciate this video on Comcast customer outrage:

The video went viral a few years ago, prompting mass outrage, a New York Times article, and public apology from Comcast.


Angela said...

Comcast's first-line customer service is terrible (see post), but their backup customer service is admirable -- emails from the guy who posted a comment above, phone call from a very bubbly and accommodating CSR who fixed the billing issue (that the other CSRs claimed was un-fixable), and a visit from a Comcast tech who spent two hours at my apartment fixing some issues my TiVo was having with the recently rolled out all-digital cable.

So, Comcast, I stand by my evaluation of your first-line phone reps, but the people you have fielding stubborn complainers (like me) are great. Get rid of the first group, and get more of the second.